Baker's Dozen.


These cookies are old fashioned and simple--no showy sprinkles or designs, but sweet and delicious nonetheless! Ingredients include butter, fresh orange zest, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and of course, sorghum! They’re a soft, spicy cookie that is similar to a gingersnap!


Wewoka, Oklahoma is located in the central part of the state and is the county seat of Seminole County.  The area that eventually became Seminole was originally established as a settlement in 1849 by  a Freedman leader named John Horse and a group of Black Seminoles.  It became a city in 1866, was established as the capital of the Seminole Nation in 1877, and beat out the town of Seminole as the county seat in 1908.  Wewoka was originally known for its abundance of oil and at one point, it was the third largest city in the state (that is no longer the case).  While the city is no longer known for its overabundance of oil, it is known for its celebration of its Native American culture at the annual Sorghum Days Celebration (although sorghum is not actually a staple crop for the area).  Each year since 1976, an authentic mule-driven sugar cane press is displayed at the Seminole Nation Museum Grounds  and they cook sorghum for the festival.  Sorghum is similar to molasses, but sweeter. 

Wewoka Sweet Sorghum Cookie