Baker's Dozen.


Much like their namesake, these snickerdoodles may be fairly small, but they pack big flavor! They are crunchy and extra cinnamony; cinnamon and sugar not only cover the cookie, but there is also cinnamon mixed directly into the dough! 


Snyder is a fairly small city located in Kiowa County, which is in the SW part of the state. It was developed as a community by the President of the Oklahoma City and Western Railroad, Charles G. Jones, in 1902. Unfortunately, Snyder has had its fair share of tragedy: a large tornado hit it in 1905 and killed over 100 people.  Then--in both 1906 and 1909--most of the original wooden buildings on the town’s main street were destroyed in fires.  Despite its rough start, Snyder is still up and running and it continues to grow!

Snyder Snickerdoodles