Baker's Dozen.


They are a simple butter style cookie, made with lots of butter, flour, white sugar, and vanilla extract. I use gel food coloring to dye the cookies different colors and then I finish them off with a simple sugar glaze and sprinkles. The perfect little bite size cookie for any occasion!


Do you know what the smallest town in Oklahoma is? It’s Slapout, an unincorporated community located in Beaver County, near the state’s panhandle. The “town” was created by a homesteader named Joseph Johnston in 1904 when he opened a general store out of a chicken coop that he’d moved to the land. Legend says that his sister would tell customers of the store that they were “slapout” of whatever items they requested, and this is how the town that was originally called

Nye became known as Slapout.


These Spritz cookies are the smallest cookies that I make, so that’s why I’ve named them the Slapout Spritz in honor of the smallest town!



Slapout Spritz