Baker's Dozen.


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who like their chocolate chip cookies chewy and those who like them crunchy. I fall into the latter category, and so did my Grandma Ruth Ann Schade, who this cookie is named after.


Ruth Ann Porter (who later married and became Ruth Ann Schade) was born in Wayne, OK in 1938. She attended East Central University in Ada, OK, where she met my Grandpa Schade and they would eventually have two children: my mother Maurine and her younger brother Michael. My Grandma Schade was known for her sweet tooth and she was quite the baker, two traits I inherited from her. Grandma Schade kept things old school and these cookies aren’t anything fancy—they are from the recipe anyone can find on the back of the Nestle Toll House Semi Sweet Morsels Package. They are buttery, sweet, and crunchy. My Uncle Michael always said that these cookies taste just like the ones his mom—my Grandma Schade—made, and that’s one of the greatest compliments that anyone has ever given me in regards to my cookies.

Ruth Ann's Crispy Chocolate Chip