Baker's Dozen.


This cookie is my homage to the famous pecan pies made in Pauls Valley. These cookies are made with plenty of brown sugar and butter, then pecan chips are mixed in throughout the dough. Before being baked, each cookie is topped with a pecan half. These cookies are bursting with pecan flavor and to me, they taste not only like pecan pie, but also like buttered pecan ice cream! A crispy cookie on the outside (but nice and soft on the inside from the brown sugar and butter) that’s sure to be loved by pecan fans everywhere!


Pauls Valley, Oklahoma is the county seat of Garvin County, located in the central part of the state, south of Cleveland County. The town was named after Smith Paul, who discovered the area while traveling by wagon to California and he established a farm there in 1847—before Oklahoma was even a state. Pauls Valley has many “claims to fame”—it boasts more original brick streets than any other town in the United States, it’s home to the annual Noodling Festival and the Toy and Action Figure Museum, and it’s also home to Fields Pies, which was founded in 1922 and is known around the country for their pecan pies. Pauls Valley—along with Norman—also happens to be my hometown.



Pauls Valley Brown Sugar Pecan