Baker's Dozen.


These cookies are a “shortbread” style cookie made with just a few simple ingredients: flour, butter, kosher salt, honey, and finely ground rosemary--no eggs!


Minco, Oklahoma is a relatively small town located in Grady County. It was originally settled around 1890, before Oklahoma was even a state. The town has many claims to fame, but it’s well known for its production of honey. A sign at the city limits actually reads, "Welcome to Minco, The Land of Milk and Honey". This sign is based on the fact that the town is home to a number of dairy farms as well as the state’s largest beekeeping company, Gibson-Ross Clover Bloom Honey. Minco actually hosts a honey festival each year in December. 


 Fun fact: the honeybee is our state’s official insect!

Minco Honey Rosemary Shortbread