This is the gluten-free version of the Cookietown Sugar Cookie.


Baker's Dozen.


This cookie is a true old fashioned sugar cookie. The ingredients are simple: flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, lemon and vanilla extract. They are baked at a high temperature, which leads to a crunchy exterior (made even crunchier by topping them with colorful sugar sprinkles before baking) and a softer, chewy interior. If you’re looking for a good, simple sugar cookie, this one might just do the trick.


Did you know that there is actually a Cookietown, Oklahoma?!!?! There is and it’s located in Cotton County, which is in the southwestern part of the state. It’s so small that it’s considered an “unincorporated community” and it got its unique name from a local shop owner named Marcus Cornelius who was known to give cookies to children living in the area in the late 1920’s. 

Cookietown Sugar Cookie (Gluten-Free)