Baker's Dozen.


This “naked cookie” is a traditional chewy chocolate chip cookie, only without any of the chocolate chips. Think of a golden brown, sweet, chewy, buttery, chocolate chip cookie...just without the chocolate chips! While some people might say, “Why on earth would anyone ever want a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips?!?!”, I would simply reply, “Hey—don’t knock it ‘til you try it!”


Depew, Oklahoma is a small town located in Creek County, which is just about halfway between Tulsa and OKC. It was formally recognized as a town in 1901, after it was established as a settlement called Hall in 1898. Depew is the site of one of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “freedom schools”, which he established to help educate black citizens in the community on how to peacefully work to gain voting rights.


Despite being a small town, Depew is the site of one of the largest “naturist” (traditionally known as nudist) resorts in the United States (at least by land area). This resort was developed in 1992 and it’s called Oaklake Trails.


Depew Naked Cookie