Baker's Dozen.


This old fashioned peanut butter cookie is my “Ode to Binger”. It’s a simple cookie made with peanut butter, eggs, unsalted butter, brown and granulated sugar, flour, baking soda, and salt. Before it goes into the oven, the dough is rolled in sparkly sanding sugar, then baked until it’s golden brown. Once cooled, these cookies are soft and crumbly. These “goober goodies” are GREAT!


Binger, Oklahoma is located in Caddo County, west of Oklahoma City. It is the home of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma’s headquarters. It was formed in 1901 and named after the Commissioner of the U.S. Land Office at that time, Binger Hermann. It started out as a farming community, and two of the primary crops farmed in the area were cotton and peanuts. Oklahoma is one of only 15 states in the

nation that grows peanuts commercially, and it’s ranked 8th in the USA for the production of peanuts.

Binger Peanut Butter