Baker's Dozen.


While traditional shortbread cookies don’t do much for me, I’m a big fan of this variation, due to the fact that it’s sweeter and includes chocolate! Like most shortbread cookies, this one is made with only a few ingredients--butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and flower. Once baked and cooled, it is then dipped in melted chocolate and jazzed up with some sugar sprinkles. For those of you like me who aren’t big fans of shortbread, maybe this one will change your mind!


Bristow, Oklahoma is located in the NW part of the state and once claimed to be the county seat for Creek County. However, Sapulpa officially took that title from the town in 1912. A few famous people have called Bristow home over the years. Gene Autry once served as a telegrapher for the town’s train depot. Norma Smallwood--the country’s first ever Native American Miss America--is also from Bristow; she won the crown in 1926. 

Bristow Brown Sugar Shortbread